April 15, 2011

On distance...

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There are almost three thousand miles of space between the two halves of my heart. Seventeen years ago it split in two and I left one piece and took the other. After all this time my heart still cannot find the piece that will make it whole.
It’s in the land of Condors and snow-capped mountains where the earth literally splits in two and you can stand with one foot on the north and one foot on the south. It is a place where the days are as long as they are wide, the sun shines perpendicular and the people speak a language of beauty.
It is only when I land, both feet on its soil that my heart begins to beat as strong as a complete heart should. But of lately, this happens only when I have with me the three people who now own the piece I took for I am not my own anymore.
I am never truly home. I am part of a people of deep cultural past and history and my skin, my dark eyes, my accent are all reminders of my beginnings. But it is in my adopted homeland, the land of the bald eagle and the starts on the Old Glory, that I have found my love, my God and my descendants.
One day, when I finally arrive to my true country, the one of which I am a forever citizen, my heart will finally reunite not only with its other half but also with the One who created it to beat and to whom it was completely given so many years ago.


Christy said...

I was able to spend some time in Ecuador a long long time ago! It's a beautiful place. I can understand your heart split.

Gaby said...

Thank you, Christy. We go back as often as we can.

Jennifer said...

Oh, wow, Gaby! I love your last line, when you arrive in your true country. I don't know the homesickness of which you speak, but I guarantee when I arrive in my true home, my heart will realize what it has been missing.

Unknown said...

Love this, friend. Love knowing more about you -- how your heart beats and what you truly long for.

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

I started a post once that I never finished that says, I am a woman who has three homes...I can relate even though it is not a different country I have adopted just a different state. I recommend the book Grandfather's Journey -- it is a simple children's book that puts some of these sentiments together. I think you would enjoy it.

I Love this post.

Amy Sullivan said...

So fun learning more about you, and I can connect with this in a big way! Often I don't feel at "home". For me it's because I moved constantly as a child. I just got used to everything being temporary. Now, as an adult, I struggle. I'm always waiting for the next move.

ps This is a rocking post for five minutes! Good job, girl.

Gaby said...

Thank you, ladies for stopping by and for the encouragement. I have only been blogging for less than a year but I am beginning to feel part of this awesome community of amazing women.

Traci said...

Hi Gaby,
I know exactly how you feel. I left one part of my heart in Ohio, it's where I feel the happiest, it's home to me. But has my Gabbi said to me, 'Mommy this is your home' and she is so right, where ever she, Tanner and Kenny are is my home.

I love your posts.
Traci Talley