Our Story, Part II

Life was good for the maiden and the boy and the little girl they called Daughter. The King made the boy one of his messengers and his job was to tell the people of the land about the King's love for them and how much He wanted to meet them each and make them part of his family. The maiden's job was to teach the people of the land her language and her customs so they would know that the world was bigger than their motherland and expand their minds to a bigger future. They loved their jobs and they loved the new names Daughter gave them: Mami and Daddy.

The maiden and the boy had been asked by the King to leave their town and move to another one to tell more people about Him and to teach more people about the maiden's language and customs. The maiden and the boy agreed, as they did anytime the King asked them to do something for Him, because they had learned that the King always knew what was best for them and only wanted their good.

So they were making preparations to leave. But the King, being a loving and merciful King, was always concocting plans to bring his children blessings and good gifts. So, unbeknownst to the maiden and the boy, He was working out a new plan just as they were preparing for a new life.

As the maiden and the boy were going about their daily work one day, the King called them to Him and said: "I have a baby boy. He, too, needs a mom and a dad. I know you have Daughter, and I know you were not expecting this, and I know your life is complicated right now, but will you be his family?"

And the maiden and the boy could not believe their ears again and said: "Yes, yes, yes! We will be his mom and dad, and he will be Daughter's brother." And they took the little boy home and they loved him and they called him Son.

And then they moved to their new town, their family bigger, their arms fuller, their hearts bursting. And the King gave the maiden a new job. He told her she would no longer teach others about her language and her customs. Her new job would be to teach Daughter and Son everything they would need to know about life, about her language and her customs, about the boy's language and customs, and most importantly, about the King and his family. And the maiden was happy, surrounded by her children, teaching them and caring for them.

And the little girl and the little boy continued to grow strong, sweet, and joyful. And they were their parents' greatest treasure. And the maiden and the boy could not believe how much they King had given them and how good life was in their new town. And now they spend their days laughing and learning, playing and working, loving and living. And they talk about the King lots. The maiden and the boy tell Daughter and Son stories of the King's goodness and faithfulness and remind them often of how the King brought them all together because He keeps his promises.

And still they wait for they know the King has not yet written the last chapter of their story. They don't know what comes next, and they don't know how it will end, but they trust the writer for He has never failed them yet.

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Jen said...

So blessed by this beautiful story! Thanks for showing us The Kingdom through eyes filled with His blessing and grace.