January 19, 2012

We Did Not Choose Transracial Adoption

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"Most adoptive families encounter intrusive questions that biological families don't typically have to deal with. My husband, my children, and I belong to three different races, and our family is always being asked how we came to be together. I have yet to understand why that seems to matter to strangers on the street. I think that many people have a need to "figure out" any situation that looks strange to them.

This need to categorize our family also appears to include understanding why we chose to adopt children of a different race. We have been asked all kind of questions on the subject. We've been asked if we were trying to take a social stand against racism. We've been asked if we preferred black children to white or Hispanic children. We've been asked if we could not "get one" who "looked like you." We've been asked if we thought we would wait less time if we chose a child of color. We've even been asked if our children were "cheaper," which always bothers me."
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Mary Jo Brunner said...

Oh Gaby. You are BEAUTIFUL. What a wonderful post about what it means to be FAMILY. Your hearts are big and generous, and your children are lucky to have you as their parents..... God Bless you, my dear.

Wordonwheels said...

I just read the full article, and I thought it was wonderfully stated. You summed it up so well in the end by saying that you didn't choose; you were chosen.

Jennifer Davis said...

Great post, as always, Gaby. I clicked over and read your post about styling Isabel's hair--I LOVED it! I really did get a warm feeling inside picturing the two of you bonding as you did her hair. You are such a great mother!