September 30, 2011

On friends...

There is one that keeps all my secrets even the ones I am ashamed to speak aloud ever again.
There is one who thinks I am funny even when my remarks are less than witty but she laughs anyway.
There is one who holds me when I cry and knows just what to say.
There is one who will spend a whole day shopping with me and tell me frankly when something does not fit.
There is one whom I can call in a pinch and will babysit my kids, come get me because I locked my keys in my car, bring me soup when I am sick, or just spend some time sitting by my side while I heal.
There is one who is honest with me and speaks truth when I won’t listen to anyone else and doesn’t give up on me even when I don’t heed advice.
There is one who prays for me, with me, over me. 
There is one who opens her home to me when I have nowhere else to go and I just need to get away.
There is one who won’t judge me no matter what I am doing and supports all my decisions, even the bad ones.
There is one who has walked in my shoes before me, and now guides me through the valleys and the peaks.
There is one with whom I have fought, reconciled, forgiven and been forgiven by again and again.
There have been seasons of my life when only one friend filled all those roles and other times when I was blessed enough to have one for each need.
Some friends have come and gone and left me a better person, some are right here right now and enrich my world every day, and some have been, are, and will forever be part of my life.
Lord, I am thankful for each one of these women. Please help me to follow your example and be like a friend who is closer than a brother and who would lay down her life for them.
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Christy said...

I just love friends: there is one who reads my posts and I read hers and we've never met, but we're kindred spirits. :) I know it.

Amy Sullivan said...

I've been feeling a little friend-sick for my far away friends, and this post did me in.

Have a great weekend, friend.

Yolanda said...

Like Amy I have been feeling friend sick to. This post spoke to me.

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Jennifer said...

Gaby, I thought I was caught up, but I missed this one! This post is beautiful, and you are truly blessed to have friends that fulfilled all these roles. Have a great weekend!