November 9, 2015

Because sometimes stranger things do happen...

I started this blog five years ago (good grief, time flies!) mostly as a place to put down some thoughts and record stories that I didn't want to forget. I never expected anyone to read or follow and I've been blessed and humbled that anyone has.

So, first of all, thank you all for your kind comments and your encouragement over the years!

In this wonderful little corner of the blogosphere I have written stories, devotionals, poetry, pain, and sorrow, laughter and rejoicing, fear and deliverance. I've aimed to be transparent and point to Jesus in everything I wrote.

There were seasons I wrote and wrote and wrote and seasons of silence. This last year I really didn't write very often and, lately, I began to ask myself why.

I realized that over the past couple of years this blog has become too intense for me. I placed upon myself ridiculous expectations that often kept me from hitting "publish" on some good pieces that deserved a space and a chance to be read.

These self-inflicted expectations that a piece needed to move/challenge/change/convict, etc before it was any good were threatening my love for writing. The pure love that started the blog to begin with.

So I decided to start over. I'm going over here, to a brand new space called Stranger Things Have Happened in honor of this.

My life is busy. Crazy busy. And I just don't have the time I like to have to dedicate to the type of pieces this blog demands.

But I want to write. I need to write.

I want to write about our silly life. Slices of our days infused with humor and a pinch of sarcasm.

That's where we are right now.

Besides, I no longer live in a glass house, Glory, Hallelujah, Praise Be! But that's a story for a different day.

I may be here from time to time when something spills out of my keyboard that best suits this space so this is not good bye. I'm claiming this as my piece of virtual land, still.

But for now, this is where I'll be and I'd love for you to come over and visit.

Much, much love,


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Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Hey friend,
I will follow you to the new blogging is good to see your words.