October 19, 2012


Joining today with Lisa-Jo for her 5 Minutes Friday. Topic: Look. You have five minutes to write...GO!

Look again.

Look hard.

Please look.

Don't turn away.

Don't pretend you don't notice.

Don't be "color blind."

Don't be blind to the beauty God created in our family.

Don't say "color blind."

It may sound correct to you but it undermines who we are. We are many colors and we want you to know. We want you to see it. Because we are proud. Our family is a tapestry of God. A microcosm of what He's done in the world.

Don't think "color blind."

To think color blind misses what we celebrate every day. Our color is much more than skin deep. It is part of who we are, our culture, our history, our background. We come from Germany, from Ecuador, from Spain, from the African plains, from the first inhabitants of this land. Our color reminds us where we've been and where we want to go. It reminds us everyday that God's grace transcends many barriers. It reminds us everyday of his healing love that is extended to all. He created us in his image.

All of us.

 He chose for each of us a color.

 And we praise Him for that!

Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Don't act "color blind."

See the colors, embrace the colors, celebrate the colors.

Be color conscious, be color loving, be color grateful...

Be color-full. 


jjjsmom3 said...

What a wonderful post! I loved this line: "Don't be blind to the beauty God created in our family." Your family IS beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Linda Stoll said...

... love the picture ... thank you for writing and opening our eyes to the beauty that lies so much deeper than shades of skin color ...

Missindeedy said...

Oh. My. Word! I absolutely enjoyed this piece of writing. In saying we're "color-blind", we acknowledge that this is color to be blinded to. Thank you thank you for the encouragement to embrace the beautiful colorful pieces of the puzzle of humanity that God created each of us to be. (Stopping by from 5 Minute Friday and SO glad I did!!)

Denise Oldham said...

Very much enjoyed this, bless you.

Mary Jo Brunner said...

This is beautiful, through and through.... just like your precious family. God Bless you all...

Jean Wise said...

Be color-full. just love this post! great photo too.

Kendal said...

you've got me smiling! and thinking! great post.

soulstops said...

Color is Beautiful...you and your family are beautiful...How are you, Gaby? Anything new with your Haiti adoption?

Debbie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!! First of all, I can't believe you did this in five minutes. You are so gifted.
Second, it's a message that I love. I have never liked the color blind concept. It's *almost* a cop out. I know folks mean well, but it is so much better to celebrate the colors than to pretend there are no hues and shades and variations. Every artist knows that variation brings depth. Depth is beautiful.

And your family is really beautiful, btw.

Lori McClure said...

"We are pale like cheese,warm like coffee, rich creamy brown like chocolate, deep and reddish like cinnamon." Love this. My father is Native American with dark skin, but it was always a shocker to everyone who met him because I was on the paler side. I also love your call to look.

Amy L. Sullivan said...

Most people chose not to mention, chose to look away. Glad you are calling us out on this one, Gaby.