April 30, 2012

Help Wanted!

Last Saturday I had the privilege of meeting face to face with seven other Christian women bloggers. One of them, the owner of the home, I had been following for a while, and the other six I had never met but are now the newest addition to my favorite blogs.

And. We. Had. A. Blast.  

There was Amy, who is passionate about making a difference in small and big ways.

There was Katrina, who will teach you to eat real food cheaply, while helping you draw closer to the God who created it all.

There was Mariah, who will captivate you with her humor and smarts.

There was Kendal, who is honest and real about her struggles. You may just identity.

There was Karrie, who writes about being a mom, a teacher, a child of God and wife to a farmer in poetic style.

There was Rachel, who writes about food, especially desserts, but who is model-thin and model-beautiful.

There was Corina, who does not yet have a blog but I know will blow you away when she does. Stay tuned.

It was fun. And it was inspiring. And it left me with some pondering to do. And here is where you come in:

One of the things we talked about were the strengths and weaknesses of our blogs and the reasons we blog. The discussion that ensued around the table gave me a lot of food for thought. I was challenged to take a look at my motivations, my passions, and my sphere of influence. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and I think it’s time to re-evaluate some things.

So I decided to enlist your help, sweet friends.

If you don’t mind, if you could help me, take a minute and tell me:

What keeps you coming back to this space?

I would really love to hear from you, whether you usually comment or you mostly lurk, through Facebook or via e-mail, please help me to see Life in A Glass House from your side of the computer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


kendalprivette said...

your voice, your story

Cherith Hope said...

Your unique perspective & insights are always food for thought.

Deborah said...

It can be kind of hard to pinpoint, but for most bloggers I think the main reason I keep reading them is the feeling that I like them as people, that I'd enjoy spending time with them in real life. I don't read blogs particularly to learn things, although it goes without saying that I do learn a lot. I mainly read them to relate to people. I love your outlook on things and, while I'm not a Christian, I relate to a lot of what you say on all topics (G-d included). And I feel like we're friends. I don't know how that helps you move forward with this blog, but that's my perspective, anyway.

Elwood said...

I keep coming back to your space because I know you. You write about things tha tug at my heart, things that allow me to see the space in which I live through different eyes. I come to your space because you are honest, emotional, and non-judgmental. I come to your space because I know that you are passionate about your love for Christ, your love for Matt and your children. Your blogs, also, allow me to keep in touch with you, your family, and what's going on in your world.

Amy Sullivan said...

Before we actually met, I feel as if I came back to read your blog because your voice seemed sincere, you write well, and your life story (adoption, being born outside the US, and being a pastor's wife) is interesting.

Great summaries of all the girls who attended the meet-up, and I would like all of your readers who have never met you in real life to know that you are as sweet and sincere online as you are off!

Christy said...

Yes, to all those above. I come back to your blog because of YOU. You are honest, transparent, and I love reading your life (and you write it well).

Debbie said...

This one is really easy for me.
I think you are a wonderfully gifted writer, and I love the way you THINK. When you put those two together, it automatically is the type of thing that I like to read.

Your perspective as a pastor's wife has been very valuable to me. It has helped me consider things that I might not have before. The wisdom that you have gained through your journey of motherhood just plain inspires me. I like both of those topics.

And OK, I admit it. I like Mommy blogs. I'm sort of "mom" now and miss being "mommy". When moms write about things like their son's teddy bear, it makes me feel good in my heart.

Rachel Plemmons said...

Thank you, Gaby, for your very sweet descriptions of all of us. It was such a pleasure to meet you, and I loved your gentle spirit and wisdom in the things you shared with us. I pray for continued favor and direction as you write; may the Lord use you to minister to others in a mighty way. Again, so wonderful to meet you! Have a wonderful week!

Michelle Eichner said...

Hey Gabby. This is my 1st time at your blog, but I admire your openness! I look forward to coming back. So glad you were encouraged and challenged this weekend. Blessings! Michelle

Katrina said...

Gabby, I have a Guatemalan friend who I'm hoping to introduce to your blog. I know she will love it!

Jennifer Camp said...

Hi Gaby, this is my first time here, and I am excited to keep coming back! Love your open heart (and happy we are in a small group together through SDG!) Bless you!

Pink Dryer Lint said...

I enjoy coming to your blog for several reasons: 1) you're sincere, 2) you're encouraging, and 3) you write well. Keep it up!

I've been thinking about blogging lately... wondering about my scope, my significance, my traffic, etc. I LOVE writing and I LOVE being able to connect with others in an encouraging fashion. When I keep this in the forefront, I have such motivation to blog.

However, when I begin thinking about blogging in terms of traffic or building a platform for my upcoming book which is coming out in the fall, I waver. I recognize that it's fine to market and strategize, but it's not what I'm most comfortable with.

So glad that you were able to talk with other bloggers! Sounds wonderful!

Heather said...

FUN! I know you have already made up your mind, but I think your writing is beautiful just the way it is. KEEP GOING!

Kathleen said...

Gaby, it has been awhile since I have been online; life got overwhelming, unexpectedly crazy...so I am just now responding to this post even though there is a more recent post. One thing that I would love to see MORE of here...is you writing more often.

I love how someone else put it...i love the way you write and I love the way you think, therefore I love to read your unique perspective.

keep on, keeping on

Laura (Miano) Brokaw said...

I know I'm way behind on commenting, but I just wanted to say that I love how honest and real you are about your life and reading your blog is often refeshing and inspiring. Now that I have a little one, I especially enjoy your posts about being a mom! Don't change a thing!