December 8, 2011

A Snow Memory

I have not linked with Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Workshop in a while, but I could not resist this week's prompt: A poem about a snow memory. The first time I saw snow is engraved vividly in my mind, so please bear with my rhyming and poor stanzas. I have never written a poem in English before... 

It does not snow in my homeland
At least never in my city;
It does in the snow-capped mountains
That fill the Andes with their beauty.

So for a girl of sixteen
Who had never seen a snow fall,
The anticipation and excitement
Could barely be contained at all.    
It was very cold that first winter
We spent in this, our new territory,
But snow was taking its time,
Hiding its white, fluffy glory.

Finally on a week day morning,
While solving equations in math class,
Someone shouted, “Hey there, Gaby!
Look outside that window’s glass!”

They were soft, gentle and quiet,
They were dancing, swirling, and twirling,
The little snow flurry crystals
Were teasing and were enticing.

Pleadingly I looked at my teacher,
For I was sitting clear across the room
And the snow beckoned me to touch it,
To feel it, to taste it, and soon.

I must have looked very desperate
And I didn’t want to miss a flurry,
For the teacher smiled and motioned
And I was at the window in a hurry.

I stuck my hand out the opening
And marveled at the sensations on my fingers;
I stuck my head, my tongue, both arms,
And laughed at how snow in dark hair lingers.

It is a happy memory during a bitter-sweet time
Of leaving, struggling, changing,
Of growing up away from familiar,
Of expanding, of growing, and learning.

That first year in our new country
Was both exciting and painful.
For the new life I’m delighted
For the snow-memory, I’m thankful. 


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Coming over from Mama Kat's place.
Beautiful memory. I remember the first time I saw two girls see snow and how the reacted. The were in awe like you.
~Naila Moon

PS>I am a pastors kid. *grins*

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

I love it! Great job...such a tangible, vivid memory that also portrays the struggle of change and the moments of joy in the midst of trial. again, i love it. It inspires me to write of snow...and I grew up with snow!

Ashksngh said...

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Debbie said...

As a huge poetry fan, I just love it!

Jennifer said...

Gaby, your writing is beautiful. No one would ever know that English is not your first language. I was excited looking at that first snowfall with you!