July 27, 2011

I have not fallen off the face of the earth (yet).

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks now (ok, more than a couple). I'd like to say it is because I have been oh, so busy with my very important life that I have not had time to write. And that is partially true (not the very important life part). I'd like to say that my presence has been required in many other places and I have had to prioritize. And that is partially true as well. I had a deadline to submit a post for Adoptive Families Circle by this week and since they are paying me... (well, does a free subscription for a year count as payment? Can I call myself a professional blogger for such a fee? Let's pretend and say yes, ok?).
But the real, honest-to-goodness reason I have not posted lately is because I simply have had nothing to say. 
No, really.
My kids are still doing cutesy things worth telling but not interesting enough for a blog post (I need some more interesting children. Anybody want to trade?). There have been adoption questions, funny stories, strong opinions, and spiritual awakenings, but nothing has grabbed me. Nothing has said, Blog me, blog me, I need to be a blog! Know what I mean?
 I follow some amazing writers who write to hone their skills, who can take the mundane of a daily moment and transform it into a post that will move you to tears, to laughter, to action. I read people who want to be (or are) professional writers, who should be published today, who have built a following because of their amazing power to reach your heart with words.
Me? I have no great aspirations here. I don't write every day. I don't even write every week (obviously!). I write when something happens and I think: Whoa! I have to blog about that.  And so far these last few weeks, nada, zilch, nothing. Lots of ideas floating in my head, none that have materialized to anything worth your eyes.
I want to write posts of substance that will encourage you, help you, interest you, maybe even convict you. Anything. But definitely not waste the precious few minutes I know some of you steal to read a blog here and there. So I remain committed to myself to writing only when I feel moved to do so, even if a few weeks go by. Please bear with me when I disappear. I promise when I do find something blog-worthy, it will be because I feel strongly that I need to share it.

Don't you find it ironic that I'm posting a non-substantial post about only writing posts of substance? Just a little bit.
For the time being, I will continue to read your wonderful stories and leave you a comment or two to let you know you have touched my life. In the meantime, will you please stop by AFC and read my latest post on our little family? They have "hired" me to talk about the bilingual nature of our family so there it is.
I'll be back. Stay tuned.


Debbie said...

I had noticed your absence, and I can relate to the reason SO WELL. It's exactly how I have felt too often lately. Maybe we can blame the summer heat for "blog block".

And BTW, I read your comment about Disney and your daughter's favorite princess. She was just beautiful, and the family realized that we missed her (and Rapunzel) completely by merely growing up. We're rectifying that by renting those movies.

Hope you burst through your blog block very soon.

Deborah said...

Nice to hear from you. I've found that when I don't post for awhile, I start to build up this feeling that my next post needs to be really substantial, or insightful, or whatever. When I write all the time, thoughts seem to come more easily.

I hope you find something to write again soon, because I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I loved your AFC post about bilingualism, too!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

I can relate to the struggle to blog or not to blog. And as Deborah said above "when I don't post for awhile, my next post needs to be really substantial...when I write all the time, the thoughts seem to come more easily." Yes!

Also, I am often contemplating how much, what, when I should blog and why I blog...

Thanks for letting us know where you are and I have taken big chunks of time off (not that I have ever blogged with regularity.) So it's nice to know that I'm not alone.

Christy @ One Fun Mom said...

"I want to write posts of substance that will encourage you, help you, interest you, maybe even convict you. " - and you do! I miss you when you're gone, but that's why I subscribed! I see your most recent post right when it comes out!

Gaby said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Before I was able to answer you I found the inspiration for another post. Ha! So, maybe this summer blog-block is over?

Michelle DeRusha said...

I've been blogging a lot less this summer, too, partially as a result of time constraints (kids are home, enough said), partially because I feel a bit of writer's block these days. I think it's simply part of the ebb and flow of writing. Sometimes I am bursting with so many ideas, I don't know how I'll possibly find the time to write about them all, other times: the drought. I usually try to write through those times, although it doesn't always produce the best work!

Robin Kramer said...

You should know that your post about "nothing" made me smile than many other posts that I have read about "something."

Really, you are a lovely writer.