June 3, 2011

Every day...

Every day I get to be there when my kids wake up and I get to feed them breakfast. Every day I get to “walk” them to school and I get to be their teacher!
Every day I get to watch my daughter decipher symbols that once meant nothing and turn them into letters, and words, and stories that make her giggle.
Every day I get to see my son become more dexterous with the pencil, tracing circles where there used to be doodles and drawing pictures where there use to be only abstract squiggles.
Every day I get to hear them pray out loud, recite Scripture, sing to Jesus together. Every day I get to teach them math, science, history, and geography all wrapped in His creation and His love for us.
Every day I get to teach my children about life. Every day I get to see their light bulbs come on, ideas form, thoughts become questions. And every day I get to be the one to answer those questions.
Every day I get to see their mind expand and their world get bigger. This is not a calling or a possibility for every parent, but for me it is a blessing I get to experience every day.
PS: This is post #50 for me! Just thought I would give a little shout-out to my milestone post :)


Unknown said...

Hooray for 50! Amazing job and so deserving of a shout out. You have a great place here.

I love this post -- there is a lot of things that I get to do, too. This reminds me to be thankful.

michelle derusha said...

First, congrats on post #50 -- yahoo for the milestone!

And second, I like your perspective here -- such gratitude (and that rings deep for me today, especially after my own post about ingratitude! And thank you for your sweet comment, BTW!).

Amy Sullivan said...

50! 50! 50!

Thanks for reminding us that all of the things we "have" to do throughout the day are really blessings.

Christy @ OneFunMom said...

Love this one, Gaby! I also love the fact that my kids are learning to read and I'm the one who taught them! So amazing!

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