January 29, 2011

What's your choice?

I am pro-choice.
I believe you have the right to make choices over your body. If you want to donate a kidney, by all means, do so. If you are at risk for breast cancer and you want to have a double mastectomy in order to prevent even the slightest chance of it happening, be my guest. If you want to have a hysterectomy because your reproductive system has only brought you grief, it is your prerogative. I believe in choice when choice goes as far as you end and someone else begins.
Yours is not the choice to kill me simply because you don’t like me. Yours is not the choice to end your elderly parent’s life because he or she has become a financial and emotional burden. And yours is not the choice to kill a child simply because he or she has come at an inconvenient time or under less than ideal circumstances. That he or she has not yet been disconnected from your umbilical cord is irrelevant, regardless of what the law of your land dictates.
Ours is the choice to honor, respect, and nurture this new life. Ours is the choice to ultimately be part of this child’s continuous story or let someone else have that joy. Ours is not the choice to decide life or death over a life we had no power to create and no right to destroy.
We all have choices. And choices bring consequences. When we choose to engage in behavior that may lead to untimely pregnancies we must be prepared to take responsibility for the results. It is not the innocent who should pay.  And if the choice was made for us, we still can take charge of the rest. We can choose how the story ends.
January is Sanctity of Life month.
As an adoptive mother this is a topic close to my heart.  My children’s birthmom knew she could not keep them. But she could have chosen to end their lives rather than face the nine months of questions, well-intentioned advice, and hurtful remarks that she must have endured in carrying two children for whom she chose to make an adoption plan. Our society still places a stigma on women who relinquish their children, calling them heartless, and judging rather than consoling and comforting. Instead, she went forward with her decision, with the discomfort of the pregnancy, with the pain of the delivery, with the heartbreak of the separation.
My children’s birth mom made the hardest of the choices. It seems that she is also pro-choice.

PS: My intention is not to offend or create controversy. I am not one to write blogs to stir people up. This is simply from my heart as a mama who is grateful to the woman who gave life to my two amazing kiddos. So if you disagree and choose to comment, please do so kindly and respectfully.


Jennifer said...

We are so thankful for Isabel and Noah, and for their birth mother's decision to do what she knew was best for her children. God has truly blessed her sacrifice. They could not have gotten two better, more loving, God-fearing parents than you and Matt. We are thankful for your humble spirits, so willing to do things that are not always popular, even though they are God's will. Thanks for having the courage to post this!

Deborah said...

Well put. I think I will be one to disagree kindly and respectfully. You and I are so different, and yet I'm so glad to know you and to hear your perspective. And of course, I'm so glad your children's birthmother made the choice she did.

Gaby said...

@Jennifer, thank you for your encouragement! God has been good to us and putting the kids into our family has been a blessing in many levels.

@Deborah, so glad you commented. You're right, we are somewhat different, but we are also the same in so many ways. You are Jewish, I am Christian, but we both serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We are both mommas raising small kids. We both struggle with issues and love to write. See? We're practically twins! :) I do love having friends of all faiths and walks. It makes my life richer. Thank you for being my bloggy friend.

floyd said...

Well said with wisdom and compassion, your voice is a strong proponent. Maybe you should pass this along to an organization to use for the Christian cause. Great post, I hear your passion.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad your children's birth mama chose life, too! I can feel the love in your blog, and I know your children are blessed to have two Godly parents who care so much!

Gaby said...

Thank you, Floyd. I'm glad my passion came through. It's hard to tell from the inside.

Jennifer, the blessings flow in our house with these two :)

Unknown said...

Girl, you know I am with you on this one!!!!!
Pro-life, Jesus, done.

Amy said...

Before I was saved I thought very differently. I never agreed with abortion however. I did think though that each woman had a choice over her body. I didn't think abortion was okay for me, but I didn't think twice about other people. I did think if I was ever raped it would be "okay" for me to do it. Why I thought that, I don't know. But for some reason I thought rape was the only time it was "okay" for me. Then I would also say "well if the baby is posing a threat to moms health, it's "okay" for me. Being saved now I think way differently. It is sad to think what a terrible mistake I may have made had something like that taken place in my life before Jesus. I am so glad I think differently now. You wrote this so well and there is so much honesty in it. very nice!

Katie said...

Absolutely! You never know what good God can bring from even the worst circumstances.